Szyb Maciej

Szyb Maciej
Photographic refreshment, video, social media, PPC

Szyb Maciej – Maciej Shaft is a complex of post-industrial buildings with modern design in Zabrze-Maciejów. Our cooperation is carried out on several levels. We have developed a detailed concept of brand communication with its potential recipients.


We regularly prepare valuable content, including photo and video materials. Moreover, in this business relationship, we act as a customer too – because we love to eat! And at Szyb Maciej Restaurant, we can always eat delicious meals. It’s enough to look at the photos (that we have taken of course) to make your stomach rumble.


What do we love most about video production? With no doubts, it is the dynamics of work, the opportunity to participate in interesting events and to meet colorful personalities! One of these are Mobile Bartenders, for whom we have prepared material promoting an event in Szyb Maciej.

Dynamic shots, extraordinary music, magical settings – we try to show the dishes in a way that enables the viewers to feel the atmosphere of this place and makes them want to try the food in person.


Social Media

For the purpose of communication with Maciej Shaft’s customers, we have carried out many thematic campaigns that were promoted by the following slogans: #Źródłósmaku (#sourceoftaste), # Źródłókultury (#sourceofculture) #spotkajmysiewszybiemaciej (#letsmeetatmaciejshaft). They are all references to the roots and history of the creation of Maciej Shaft and the functions it currently performs.


Creations for digital needs

Advertising creations for the needs of PPC campaigns are always supported by photos that we take at the client’s place. Thanks to this, our advertisements are original and unique.